Cameo’s portfolio of offerings encompasses a complete range of BFSI services, enabling clients to focus on core competencies, build efficiencies and improve profitability.

Physical Records Management

Physical Custodial Services

Cameo’s warehouses are built to Reserve Bank of India standards and are ideal for storage and safe-keeping of critical and non-critical records, title deeds and documents. Documents in storage include application forms, credit files and title documents of loans to individuals and businesses, post-disbursement documents, and application credit card evaluation sheets (ACES) of credit card customers.

Post-Dated Cheque Management (PDC)

Secure and timely post-dated cheque management

Cameo’s clientele for its post-dated cheque management service includes banks, both multinational and domestic, besides financial services companies. The service delivers secure and timely pull out of cheques across cycle dates, truncation, reconciliation, re-presentation, and reporting, besides management of swapped and bounced cheques. Cameo stores over 8 million PDC and processes over 150,000 PDCs monthly.

Electronic Document Management

Quick and Efficient Document Management

The escalating cost and usage inefficiency of existing document management practices have long been a predominant concern amongst clients. The benefits that accrue to clients from the adoption of efficient document management systems and attendant productivity gains far outweigh costs.
Cameo designs a custom proposal for each client based on the client’s existing architecture and objectives. Whatever be the end goals, Cameo’s Document Mangement Solutions are individually tailored to seamlessly integrate with legacy workplace applications, in order to amplify results.
Cameo’s EDMS solutions enable immediate access to information, circumventing time-consuming document searches, while ensuring information safety, security, longevity, and meaningful cost savings to clients. Cameo’s industry leading expertise in electronic document management stems from its experience of digitizing over 1300 million images over the last 8 years.

Centralized Loan Processing

Streamlined and simplified loan processing

Cameo’s centralized loan processing solutions for banks and financial services firms include processing loan applications for credit evaluation besides ensuring post-disbursement document compliance. Post disbursement document compliance includes an entire range of activities:

  • Completeness of documentation
  • Checking correctness of information
  • Updation of PDCs and ECSs in the bank’s Core Banking System (CBS)
  • Scanning of loan applications, KYC forms and other customer documents
  • Uploading of scanned image and metadata file to the bank through secured FTP (SFTP)
  • Dispatch of welcome kits to customers, and credit files and PDCs to custodians.

Cameo delivers end-to-end solutions to banks and financial institutions, maximizing the value chain along the sanction, disbursement and post-disbursement processes.

Cheque Truncation Services

Customizable solutions for high quality image truncation

Cameo’s cheque truncation services are delivered in both Capex and Opex models, designed for high quality image truncation and secure file upload to the bank. Cameo’s customizable proprietary software generates reports that aid risk management. Additionally, it also processes CTS and CMS cheque receipts from branches, scanning, booking, balancing and response handling among others. Cameo application handles both, inward and outward presentment of cheques.

Scanner Distribution

High Quality, Feature Intensive Range of Cheque Scanners

Cameo is a distributor of cheque scanners for the Digital Check Corporation, USA (DCC) and supplies a complete range of high quality scanners to several recognized banks in India. Cameo offers a turnkey service including installation of scanners together with installation and configuration of APIs, besides repairs and maintenance under an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC).

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Pioneered the concept of RDC in India

Cameo’s proprietary RDC solution supports both, single cheque and batch scanning, to suit the needs of customers, while efficiently transmitting remote deposits via a secure online connection from the offices of a bank’s customers. RDC is supported by a variety of cheque capture devices, including single and multi-feed scanners. Cameo’s RDC solution provides clients a feature-rich application with intuitive and simple step-by-step operations. The customizable solution enables clients to consolidate funds from remote locations into a central account, facilitating anytime deposits and providing a variety of export formats for ease of clearance, while enhancing security and efficiency across the system. Cameo’s versatile RDC solution is compatible across mobile, desktop and web formats.

NACH MMS Solution

Proprietary System for NACH Mandates

As per the National Automated Clearing House (NACH) mandate released by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), the NACH system provides a web based solution to facilitate direct debit and direct credit transactions across businesses and consumers. Designed in accordance to NPCI guidelines, Cameo’s NACH MMS solution offers mandate processing and validation through its proprietary tool. The NACH Mandate Management System (MMS) facilitates timely creation, amendment and cancellation of mandates used for NACH debit transactions. The solution provides for NACH Mandates to be authenticated by UIDAI and be digitally signed.